We are currently experiencing a new state in our planet’s equilibrium, a change in the balance that we took for granted for so long, a change that’s end we cannot yet begin to imagine.  Our planet is burning alive, and yet at the same time it is drowning in water. We are smothering ourselves to death, and yet we insist on continuing doing things the same way.  The multidimensionality of effects that climate change is having on us, and our planet, is a scary reality, one that we must face sooner than later.
At present, 7 million deaths are caused annually by air pollution, ranking it the second deadliest non-communicable disease after tobacco smoking*. If we continue with a business-as-usual attitude, then that number could double by 2050**.
 ‘What’s up with Sky?’ is a visual investigation of this shift in environmental stability, and the subsequent consequences we are struggling with from it. Documented on the island of Cyprus, the project examines the ambient air pollution at a smaller, more local level, in a bid to illustrate the insignificance of who and where, as our planet knows no boundaries – we all live under the same sky.
‘What’s up with the Sky?’ is a work in progress.

** Parncutt R (2019) The Human Cost of Anthropogenic Global Warming: Semi-Quantitative Prediction and the 1,000-Tonne Rule’ -  https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.02323/full
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