A film project on identity and its multiple prisms
The term ‘identity’ is evidently used today in order to describe the characteristics, choices and activities which allow us to discern ourselves, sometimes by joining and other times by separating ourselves from others. Now more than ever, we are living in an era composed of identities, admitting that there is not a single self and that identity does not concern something singular, impervious and stable, but rather a notion with multiple meanings, polyphonic and flowing, opening a broad field of conversation, reevaluation and new narration.
Attempting to delve into the multiple terms (social, cultural, psychological) on the basis of which identities are formed, the project IDENTITY IN BETWEEN is organized by RUNONART, inviting five women artists to create new performance projects and to share their artistic expression and ideas on the notion of the multiple prisms of one’s being.

Creative team // Production: RUNONART NGO //  Project Concept ‒ Film Director: Efi Spyrou
Still photography: Emma Louise Charalambous
Cinematographer: Pavlos Mavrikidis // Assistant Director: Sokratis Morfonios
Dir.Production: Haris Michaloyiannakis // Camera: Jo Capralou, Costas Goulas
Sound: Iason Theophanou // Editing: Giorgos Alefantis //Coloring: Marios Stylianou
Texts ‒ Interviews: Charis Kanellopoulou, Paraskevi Tektonidou
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